j.sharpe thrillerauteurDutch suspense author J. Sharpe (pseudonym for Joris van Leeuwen) has published several mystery thrillers and short stories. He views himself as a cross-genre writer; he likes to blend themes and elements from two or more different genres.

His work is often compared to that of Stephen King, Peter Straub and Dean Koontz, although Sharpe is complimented for his own distinctive style.

Sharpe has been a member of the GNM (Society for Dutch Crime Authors) since 2014.

His novel Gebroken Geheugen (Broken Memory) – that he wrote together with the late Jos Weijmer – was nominated for the Harland Awards for best novel of 2015 and received an honorable mention for extraordinary originality. Eden was nominated for a Bastaard Fantasy Award 2016.

So far 6 novels and several short stories have been published in The Netherlands and Belgium. One of these, Eden, is translated to English, just like the first chapters of Broken Memory. 


Angels: they’re among us. I would know. There’s one trapped inside of me. But the image you probably have of these “helpers of God” is wrong, I guarantee it. They are all maniacal assholes.

Anna Meisner awakes, naked and afraid, tied to a chair in a dark room. Across from her sits a woman who is her spitting image. With tears in her eyes, the woman puts a gun against her head and kills herself. Anna is not found until days later and in a state of hypothermia, moments from dying. But when she wakes in the hospital, she finds that the police doesn’t see her as a victim, but as a suspect. It’s the beginning of a series of catastrophic events in which she has no choice but to play a part. Is this the end of humanity?

This apocalyptic thriller was nominated for a Bastaard Fantasy Award.


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Praise for Eden:

“Sharpe again managed to combine different genres like a master. I don’t want to spoil too much… but this is a quick and surprising suspense thriller you should definitely read!” — Stephen King Fanclub

From the first page to the last, Eden is a story that will keep your eyes glued to the page. The supernatural fantasy elements of this thriller makes it unique to its genre. Eden is a very strong, fast-paced supernatural, post-apocalyptic thriller that is well worth reading. — New World Order.

“I think we’ve found the Dutch Master of Horror! This book really gave me chills every now and then. So yes, this is really one of my favorite books of 2016!”— Ikhouvanhorrorfantasyenspanning

“A must read for fans of Supernatural!!!” — Nerdymommy


Gebroken-geheugen-webBroken Memory:
This book tells the story of Tim Hall, A black man who was just released from prison and suddenly wakes up in a dark and abandoned plane, trapped with nobody around except for one young girl named Ella. Also, he is suddenly a white man…

When he and Ella finally find a way to escape the plane, they walk towards a strange little town. It’s occupied with only a handful of people, who tell them to forget about all those stories of heaven and hell and that this is it. This is the hereafter. Or is it…?

Broken Memory is a futuristic, dystopic thriller, with influences of horror and science fiction, full of twists and turns. It was nominated for the Harland Awards for best novel of 2015, and received an honorable mention for the extraordinary originality.


Praise for Broken Memory:

Broken Memory by J. Sharpe & Jos Weijmer starts as every traveler’s nightmare: falling asleep in an airplane and waking up in no man’s land. Even worse: main character Tim finds himself in someone else’s body, has lost most of his memory and finds out he is in fact dead. His quest, with a nine year old girl at his side, not only brings the horrors from his past to light, but also slowly reveals the nature of the purgatory in which he roams. A book with an uncommonly original idea, great plot twists and an astonishing finale. The reader endures the same fate as the main character: once you’re in, you will find it hard to get out.” — Marijn van der Jagt, Vrij Nederland, juryvoorzitter van de Harland Awards Romanprijs 2015

It’s almost impossible to say anything about this story without giving spoilers. What I can say is that the story is rich in subjects. The question of what the hereafter and our soul is plays a role. There’s a place for all-consuming love and guilt. Deceit, politics and a horrific future are also featured in the book. And everything comes together and makes a whole that grabs your attention from the beginning til the end. — fantasywereld.nl

Amazing book that will hopefully be read and praised by many. J. Sharpe can include himself in the top of Dutch fantasy-writers. — boeklovers.nl

Other novels by J. Sharpe:

De kettingen van amarath. Territoria 1De ring van andor. Terrioria 2Territoria:
Two novels, one story. Territoria is a fantasy-thriller about Cindy, a young woman who just lost her sister. But then, one day, she gets a call from a stranger who tells her that here sister is still alive and invites here to come and get her. At first she does not believe him, but when time goes by, she starts to wonder.

Her search for the truth brings her to Territoria, a land ruled by darkness, where evil forces have defeated the good. In a landscape full of decay and death, Cindy has to find her sister. But in a world shrouded in darkness, things may not be what they seem. And your best friend might be your biggest enemy.

senora_voorWeb of Senora
Keyleigh Winstone lost her loved ones. Her husband and two sons where killed right in front of her.
Just when she finally  is moving on with her live, a car pulls over. A man aims a gun at her and tells here to get in.
The next thing she remembers is that she is walking around in a park, the same park that she crosses every day to get to work, but now her intuition is telling her that something is wrong, and when she gets home and sees her husband and two sons, alive and acting like nothing has happened, she knows it to be true.
The world seems completely insane. More and more strange things are happening around town. Electricity does not work anymore, the cars are all broken down, the people slowly seem to get mad and, most strange of all, they can’t get out of town. They are trapped.

cover - het meisje dat vlam kon vatten copyThe girl who could catch flames

A collection of four short story’s and the first chapters of Sharpe’s first tree novels.



A selection of short stories published in anthologies:

Ganymedes 15Kwade Zaken DEFfantastische-vertellingen-nr-37-jrg-37-16-maart-20halloween-horror-verhalen-martijn-lindeboom-boek-cover-9789024574780






to read the free short story, in the arms of my love.